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Increase your Concrete's Longevity

At ACT Saw Cutting & Removal, our joint sealing services go beyond sealing cracks – we offer a comprehensive approach to preserve and protect your concrete structures.

Cleaning and Preparation

We begin by meticulously cleaning the joints to ensure a pristine surface. Our process involves thorough cleaning and, if necessary, sandblasting to remove debris, contaminants, and any old sealant residue. This meticulous preparation is crucial for a strong and lasting seal.

Expert Expansion & Control Joint Sealing

We specialize in sealing expansion and control joints with precision. These joints are critical in accommodating concrete expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Our expertise in sealing these joints ensures structural integrity and prevents water penetration, preserving your concrete's longevity.

Sealing Cracks for Lasting Protection

Sealing cracks is not just a cosmetic fix – it's a vital step in protecting your concrete from further damage. Our meticulous approach to sealing cracks involves using premium-grade materials and techniques to effectively seal and prevent further deterioration.


By combining cleaning, sandblasting, and expert sealing techniques, we fortify your concrete structures against the elements and wear. Our goal is not just to seal joints and cracks but to extend the life of your concrete, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing its durability. Trust ACT Saw Cutting & Removal for joint sealing that goes beyond the surface. Contact us today to discuss how our comprehensive joint sealing services can safeguard your concrete structures.

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